Hello, I am Helen! 

Great to see you at my site! 

I am a youth worker, a passionate parent of three great young adults and a happy wife of an amazing farmer and holistic therapist. People say they find me easy to talk to and to listen to, having a great sense of humour and being able to find the simplest solutions to the most impossible problems. If not, at least I can help you laugh about it.  


For the past 20 years I have been working as a professional youth worker, doing every possible youth work job you can imagine in Ireland and internationally. In my previous career in the health care industry I volunteered in youthwork and in 1994 I took the plunge and became a fulltime youth worker. That was one of the best decisions of my life!

In 2009 I graduated as a Life Coach - a qualification that added complementary skills and opened my eyes to what has become my passion - helping parents and young people be the very best that they can be. 


Since then, I qualified as a trainer and I deliver workshops and talks to groups in the community and in schools across the country.


My mission is to help parents and young people be the very best that they can be.


Parenting can be a lonely place. The pressure to be perfect is huge and yet, since we're all human and different, who decides what is perfect? During my various youth work projects I have often noticed that there are a lot of parents out there who feel alone and unsupported. Managing relationships, rearing children and dealing with the stresses of family life does take it's toll.


Childhood and adolescence isn't always easy either and there are many young people who lack true contact and supportive guidance from their parents. Others are unsure of themselves, feeling inadequate, doubting themselves or struggling with friendships or with school.


Over the years I have discovered that both sides just need a listening ear, some information, answers and encouragement and they are good to go on on their own.