I help parents understand young people and support young people through their challenges,
to be the best that they can be. 



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Helen is a person shining inner strength and peace, a person I trusted from the very first contact.  I could be 100% open with her. I am very grateful to Helen for many hints to the background of my life‘s situations. When I started to realise reasons, it was already possible to make steps to change my thinking and behaviour. Changes in my world followed and especially in relation to my 4 and 5 y.o. kids. Knowing that there‘s a person I can share with and she does not judge or measure me in any way was and still is very motivating to go on – to learn, try, make mistakes, learn... I realized how important is to identify children‘s interests and needs, let them try and make choices, instead of projecting and planning their lives, because each parent‘s biggest and final wish is a healthy and happy child at any age in any activity and place.

Ruth, 19

I met Helen through a youth group she was running and when I joined I was going through a very troublesome period of my life. The support I got from that group and in particularly Helen is something I will be forever grateful for. I wouldn't normally be the type to open up to someone and once I did I nearly always instantly regretted it, though I never had that problem with Helen. I genuinely felt listened to when I talked to her with no judgement or presumptions. She was always there for guidance and support or even just to listen to me ramble, but no matter what I always felt better about myself and my outlook on life after a chat with her. I really don't think I would have made it out of such a dark period without her help.

Michael, 21

For me, meeting Helen was probably one of the most enlightening moments of my life. It cleared the way and produced more clarity in my life and enabled me to see past all of the obstacles whether it be family, friends or many other aspects that surrounded me at that time. I doubted myself from every angle and couldn’t compromise between the negatives and positives of life.

Staying at home for days and not knowing what to do with yourself is a rut that takes a lot to get out of because it’s almost like your feet grow roots and keep you down under everyone else’s level, especially when you thought that simply there was no point in even getting out of bed.

Helen inspired me to try new things and see if I liked them for myself. This has been a life changer for me! 

We have a choice to make ourselves but it can be difficult when we don’t have anyone to talk to, that’s why Helen was the key to almost everything good that I can say I have now.



First Year

Head Teacher

Helen has been a fabulous support to our staff and students for many years. She has worked with First Year students re the transfer from Primary to Secondary school. She has also delivered mentoring programmes to both prefects and First Year 'buddies'. We often call on Helen for advice for students with issues eg 'fitting in', coping with bereavement/separation and anxiety issues. Her vast experience in working so successfully with young people makes her an invaluable support to any school. She worked closely with me in my role as Home School Liaison Co ordinator for many years.